Help your transportation business operate safely and efficiently with inland marine coverage from the insurance experts at Zande Group.

The term “inland marine coverage” can be tricky – the policy actually has nothing to do with water! Instead, this policy is designed to cover the transportation of goods over land.

By adding an inland marine policy to your company’s business insurance, you can receive protection for a wide variety of items, including:

  • Transported Property
  • Precious Artifacts
  • Billable Accounts
  • Computer Equipment
  • Online and Offline Data
  • And More!

So whether you transport by plane, train, truck, or by another type of ground transportation, speak to a Zande Group agent about how you can receive top of the line inland marine coverage through our agency, and protect your business from preventable risks.

Getting a quote on this coverage is easy – just call. One of our agents will walk you through the process, and can help you make sure that your business gets coverage that is both comprehensive and affordable.