Cyber Liability

Data Breach, Cyber Attack, Cyber Hacking

Above is a list of a few of the terms used to describe the actions of electronic criminals seeking unauthorized access to non-owned computer systems.

Globally computer system break-ins by electronic hacking are occurring at an alarming rate. Hackers are often not targeting specific industries but instead are seeking systems with weak points in their security allowing them quick and easy access.

Once they have gained access their first task is to seek out proprietary data which may be converted to their financial gain.

Rushing out to hire a consultant with the intent of beefing up your systems security may not be your best choice. Many security system breaches can be traced back to work performed by system consultants.

Secondary, to selecting a competent tech advisor and strengthening your systems security, is the selection and purchase of a cost effective cyber liability policy.

Due to the wide range of coverage offered by Network Security and Privacy Policies we will spend time in our future Blogs looking into these policies.

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