If you use any sort of technology in your day-to-day business activity, you need cyber liability coverage from the Zande Group.

Businesses that use technology – even so little as email and the internet – are exposed to cyber liability. To make sure that your business is protected from the risks it faces, speak to a Zande Group agent about getting your business cyber insurance coverage.

Our cyber liability insurance coverage offers cutting edge protection for exposures arising out of Internet communications.With cyber liability protection, your business will typically be covered for claims due to:

  • Email and Network Security
  • Threats of Extortion
  • Electronic Payment Systems
  • Theft of Data
  • Loss of Income
  • And More

Creating a web site is simple. The exposures that come with it are not. Our Cyber liability insurance is easily tailored to the needs of your
business. Whether you’re more concerned with
privacy issues, network security, crisis management, technology
errors and omissions, or media and intellectual property issues, we can help you find a plan that best covers your
greatest risks.

Call the Zande Group today for help in determining your business’s cyber insurance needs. Our agents are looking forward to helping your business achieve full cyber liability protection.