In business, time is money. Every day your business spends cleaning up after a flood is a day that’s costing you money. And if you thought your conventional commercial insurance was going to indemnify you when it flooded – you’re probably paying out-of-pocket for the clean-up.

Commercial flood insurance is essential – even if your business is not located in a flood plain. The fact is every building, no matter where it is located, is exposed to some form of flood risk. Even if your area has never flooded before, this is no guarantee against future damage. Many commercial properties that have not flooded in years are now flooding due to:

  • Blocked storm sewers or drainage bayous
  • Poor flood control maintenance
  • Change in area drainage patterns
  • Increased construction which can lead to more runoff of water during heavy rain
  • Heavy concentration of rain in a localized area

At Zande Group we will assess your level of risk, your budget, and your stated concerns to deliver the best possible commercial flood insurance coverage.

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