Your business’s heavy machinery needs protection – speak to an agent from the Zande Group about our boiler and machinery insurance coverage today!

Boilers and heavy machinery are complex objects. Make sure that your business is protected if your machinery breaks down. With boiler and machinery insurance from our agency, you can help to ensure that your business is protected against machinery malfunctions.

Anyone who runs a business that uses electrical or mechanical devices needs boiler and heavy machine insurance. Many business owners have the misconception that this is only for large factories and manufacturing units. As a small business owner, even if you do not  use heavy machines, you probably use equipment like air conditioners, refrigerators, ovens, and coffee machines. A malfunction could cause an explosion or fire, damage to property, and business loss. Our boiler and heavy machine insurance will help cover these situations.

There are many complex and moving parts in your business’s machinery. By adding boiler and machinery insurance to your company’s business insurance
coverage, you can rest assured knowing that the agents at the
Zande Group will cover you by either having the broken part
replaced, or by replacing the entire machine.

Contact an agent from the Zande Group today to learn more about our boiler and machinery insurance coverage. We look forward to giving you a free, no-obligation, competitive quote for this policy.